The Meccan Revelations: al-Futuhat al-Makkiyya

Exhibition of Manuscripts of the Meccan Revelations.

Al-Budairy Manuscript.

Nuruosmaniye manuscript.

Maymaniyah Edition.

Manuscripts of the Meccan Conquests

There are dozens of manuscripts of this book in libraries around the world, especially in Turkey, the most important of which is a manuscript Konya, in the handwriting of Sheikh Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-Arabi himself, and it is the second edition of the book Which he completed in the year 636 AH / 1238 AD, and the author divided it into thirty-seven books, which are: It is currently preserved in the library of the Islamic Endowments Museum in Istanbul (Evkaf-ı Islamiye Müzesi). There are also other manuscripts of the first edition, including a copy preserved in the Bayezid Library In Turkey. Othman Yahya, may God have mercy on him, mentioned some of these manuscripts in his book on the history of writings Ibn al-Arabi and its classification, based on previous studies in addition to indexes Manuscripts in Türkiye, and with the advancement of means of communication, we are now able to access a number Larger than the catalogs of manuscript libraries. The following table shows the most important manuscripts of the Meccan conquests In the world's libraries This is a list of the most important

First Recension Second Edition Explanations and abbreviations Hearings of the Meccan Conquests

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