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The greatest master (ash-sheikh al-akbar), the reviver of religion (muħyî id-dîn) and the sultan of the knowing (sultân al-ăârifîn) are some of the veneration titles given to the great mystic, poet and sage, Muhammad Ibn al-Árabî; one of the world's greatest spiritual teachers and the most influential author in Islamic history, whose writings have deeply influenced Islamic civilization for centuries, and have more recently attracted wide interest in the West. His full name is Abû Ábdullâh Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ahmed Ibn al-Árabî al-Ħâtimiy aţ-Ţâìy, known for short as Ibn al-Árabî or Ibn Árabî (without the definite article) to differentiate him from the Malikiy jurist Abu Bakr Ibn al-Árabî (d. 543/1148).

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Because He loves beauty, Allah invented the World with ultimate perfection, and since He is the All-Beautiful, He loved none but His own Essence. But He also liked to see Himself reflected outwardly, so He created (the entities of) the World according to the form of His own Beauty, and He looked at them, and He loved these confined forms. Hence, the Magnificent made the absolute beauty --routing in the whole World-- projected into confined beautiful patterns that may diverge in their relative degrees of brilliance and grace.
paraphrased from: Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: IV.269.18 - trans. Mohamed Haj Yousef]